Each person views and experiences the world in their unique style. Appreciating individuality is essential to providing exceptional services in counseling, consulting, psychological assessment, and performance enhancement with clients, athletes, and teams. My fundamental belief is, “how we think affects how we feel and what we do each day”. Sometimes our experiences from the past, and/or present, affect our ability to function at a desired level and we struggle to complete daily tasks. This is the time to work collaboratively with a professional to help improve your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve peak performance in all areas of life.  
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Dr. Brian Monteleone is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Charlotte, NC. He excels and enjoys:

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  • Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, addiction, and panic attacks.
  • Facilitating a weekly Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Group for individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Sensory Treatment
  • Assisting athletes, coaches, and teams to develop mental and physical skills to achieve peak performance.
  • Psychological assessment for children, adolescents, and adults for ADHD and learning disabilities